Lobster Summer Wreath, Nautical Front Door Decor

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I promise that no real lobsters were harmed in the creation of this wreath. However how fun would this be to welcome guests to your Beach Cottage this summer or for that perfect backyard seafood feast?

Created on a bed of navy blue and cream deco mesh, the tin sign verifies that all Summer should consist of is To Live Long and Lobster, well at least for the Lobster and I can't agree more. Summer is for vacations, gatherings, family reunions and celebrations and this wreath is sure to add to any existing outside or indoor decor this year.

Ribbon tails and bows of red, white and navy blue accompany the sign, along with a stuffed lobster of your own guaranteed to last past any Summer season. A glorious bow of red lobsters and polka dots and stripes really makes this a piece that is sure to be one that is talked about this year.

This wreath measures 24-inches in diameter and a full 6-inches thick.

In order to ensure longevity of this wreath and reduce the fading caused by the sun and other harsh elements, consider keeping this wreath under a patio cover, awning or overhang out of direct exposure or keep it inside so you can enjoy it all year long over a mantle or kitchen window.

If you would like to have something custom made, please contact me directly and let's make that happen!