Nightmare Horse Head Wreath Burlap Halloween Decor Spooky Mustang

Nightmare Horse Head Wreath Burlap Halloween Decor Spooky Mustang

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Looking for a different take on Halloween? How about this rendition of a Nightmare Horse? Featuring a black burlap base and flames of red, gold, and orange, this is perfect for those looking for something much different than your standard Halloween decor.

Built on a 24 inch long frame and about 18 inches wide, this is a must have for those who love stories about a rider on a black horse. It definitely yields a spooky look to your home or decor. This wreath features a realistic eye to lend to the true look I was intending and the flames are created from deco mesh in metallic gold, red and orange. This one does not feature a bridle since it is not meant to be tamed.

I would recommend that this wreath be placed out of direct sunlight, due to the fact that premature fading from the sun can result on darker fabric colors and this will ensure a longer life of the product. Placing it on a door under an overhang, awning or patio cover is preferred as well as placing this inside during inclement weather.

If you would LOVE to have one custom designed for the horse lover in your family, please reach out to me personally and let's create something amazing.