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Looking for a unique gift handcrafted by a veteran? These Gun Canes come with your choice of finish, light or dark and you have the option of which branch of service you like to have placed in the handle of the replica gun.

A lacquer clear finish is carefully applied to ensure longevity in all kinds of weather. A rubber tip is applied to the end of each cane to reduce slipping. These canes measure 38 inches high and 5 1/2 inches wide at the largest part, and works perfectly for walkers for safety and for those walking your dog, you can tie a plastic bag to the handle for cleaning up after your pet.

Every piece is hand cut and fitted together to create these looks. Each is made to order and wood grain pattern is different for each cane. So please allow time to be made. If you’d like something custom, please contact me directly. This would be the perfect gift for someone retiring from the military or for anyone looking for something unique.