Kat's Creations Wreath of the Month Group


Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a wreath but didn’t know where to begin?


Have you watched countless YouTube Videos on wreath making, but had so many questions about the process without knowing who to ask?


Have you ever struggled in knowing what to make and when, in order to possibly sell a wreath?


Do you want a place to begin where you are encouraged to begin your wreath making process?


Do you wish you could just shop off a list, knowing you are getting great prices and quality materials to make a wreath, and shipped right to your front door?


Do you feel overwhelmed by other wreath making groups to try and catch up when you are just starting out?


Would you like to try a virtual wreath making class where you can go through making a wreath step-by-step?

You CAN learn with the right training and it doesn't have to be stressful!
Wreath making should be FUN!


Kat’s Creations Wreath of the Month Group is a place to begin for anyone who is interested in learning how to make a wreath in step by step, easy to follow directions that feature a LIVE Virtual Wreath Making Class each month with a specific themed design or holiday in mind. These are recorded and can be viewed by current members at any time.


This allows you to follow along with me, step by step in the process of putting it all together from the ground up and turn out a beautiful wreath that you can easily sell or simply use for yourself or as a gift for others.


"I've only been part of Kat's Private Group for a short time but it has been amazing! Kat is a wonderful teacher willing to share her talent for making beautiful wreaths and her knowledge for find great deals on wreath making supplies... I am very grateful and appreciate all her help and for making us all feel like we are friends, uplifting each other with positivity and encouragement to be successful." ~ Sandra S.


As a fellow creative, I’ve been where you are and I now know all of the important steps for success and also know what doesn’t work


I know strategies to help you succeed


I know that you need support and one-one-one attention



You will receive:


- itemized list with the product name, item numbers, and prices to place an order from an online craft supplier.


- Members have the option of ordering two months in advance so you can qualify for FREE SHIPPING if you desire. Most wreath designs cost $25-40 in material costs, but offer so many leftovers that you can use to create other designs or in some cases members purchase enough to make two or more wreaths of the same design. I will even show members how to upgrade their current design if they want to elevate it during the
Virtual Wreath Making Class, to give you more design options.


- The option to opt-out of ordering any month’s wreath kit, and instead just choose to watch the Live Virtual Wreath Making Tutorial before placing an order for your own materials. Purchasing materials or participating in the Live Virtual Wreath Making class is not required.


-Members also qualify for discounts on wreath making supplies from certain approved vendors as part
of their membership at no additional charge.


-Members also have access to the entire Wreath of the Month library to look at past designs and
material lists for each design at no extra cost.


"I've watched so many wreath making videos but in the three months I've followed Kat in her public group and 2 months in her Private Group, I've learned more than I could have imagined. I highly recommend joining...you won't be disappointed." ~ Cheryl P.
"I've been a member since February of 2018, and to say that Kat is a wonderful instructor but more important, a fantastic person, is an understatement. She has the patience and knowledge to make her tutorials easy to follow. Your final products are always beautiful and if in any doubt, post it and not only will you have Kat's invaluable input, but you get a super supportive group of women (and Steve) who always have your back. " ~ Vi
"Kat is an awesome teacher, patient, and very thorough in her teaching skills. I would recommend this class to anyone making wreaths, small class and interacts with each and every person to make sure they understand what she is doing. On top of that she is a very godly woman and her faith shows through in her kindness and eagerness to help those of us "wreath-challenged." ~ Pamela B