Christmas Vintage Fabric Hat Wreath, Xmas Door Hanger, Holiday Decoration, Classic Christmas Front Door Decor, Kats Creations 777, Witch Hat

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This is my new design for Christmas!!! This gorgeous Vintage Christmas Hat Wreath!! From the traditional colors of Christmas, reds, whites and greens, this needs no sign as the words of Christmas are displayed with the fabric.

Measuring 24-inches wide and 24-inches long, and a full 5.5 inches thick, this is perfect for someone wanting something truly unique. Created from formed cotton fabric, this mixes a variety of elements to create just the right look. It features metallic deco mesh, 5 different ribbons, metallic ball embellishments, and even a double bow!!

No two are alike so each customer will truly have a one of a kind design. Features an upper and lower hanger to achieve just the right look. Due to the nature of this construction, I would highly recommend this be placed under a protected patio, porch or walkway if used on doors. It can even be sprayed with waterproof spray to help it stand up to the elements but trust me, you’ll want this inside to enjoy all season long.

If you like a custom designed piece, please contact me directly and let’s make that happen for you.