Dog Paw Print Halloween Grapevine Wreath, Welcome Pet Rescue Door Hanger, Trick or Treat Canine Lovers Front Door Decor, Kats Creations 777

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Calling all dog lovers! If you want something a bit different to express the love you have for your canine pal, this is the perfect decor for you. Measuring at 24-inches around, this grapevine pawprint wreath is just the perfect thing to express to anyone that you truly do LOVE your dog.

Coupled with a beautiful black and white bow filled with paw prints, black and orange ribbons of harlequin patterns and polka dots along with candy corn pair off perfectly off the adorable reversible Welcome/Out of Candy Sign.

There’s even a toy squeaky bat that can be removed as a treat for your delightful pet. This would be a perfect gift for shelters, rescues, veterinarians, pet hospitals, pet supply shops or just anyone who wants to include their pets for each season.

This is a limited edition item as all my wreaths are which is why there is only 1 of each quantity listed. I want each of my customers to feel as if they have a true original art piece for their home so I don't replicate my designs exactly. I may do slight variations like changing up the sign or colors of ribbon but I will never replicate exactly unless the customer has double doors. I use only the highest quality products in my designs and products so you truly have a wonderful show piece so if you LOVE this one, pick it up before it is gone!

I LOVE custom orders so if you have a particular color or theme you'd like, reach out to me and let me make your vision come to life.