Easter Bunny Butt Wreath, White Rabbit Decor, Spring Front Door Decor

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Oops!! Looks like we caught this bunny by surprise!! He has ducked into a flower bush but left his eggs behind!

This adorable White Rabbit Easter Wreath is perfect for guaranteeing a smile on those that see it. Measuring 26-inches in diameter and a full 6- inches thick, this wreath is created on a base of Apple Green Metallic Deco Mesh. Covered in cream white and green ribbon tails, and bows of pastel eggs and stripes, all topped off with a gorgeous Easter bow!!!

Pink and White Carnations and pastel speckled eggs can be found tucked in around the White bunny before he has disappeared completely!!

In order to ensure longevity and to reduce the premature fading caused from the direct sun and other harsh elements, please consider placing this under an awning, patio cover or overhang or perhaps keep this inside to enjoy all season long

If you’d like something custom made for you, please contact me directly and let’s make that happen.