Fall Broom Wreath Autumn Front Door Decor Rustic Farmhouse Thanksgiving Whisk Harvest Floral Decor Leaves

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Don't get swept away with all the brilliant colors of Fall! This beautiful 24-inch long by 10-inch wide Broom is just the perfect decor for your kitchen, mantle or even on the front door. Filled with all the bountiful treasures of Fall from pinecones, acorns, mums, sunflowers, cat tails, and pomegranates, this is sure to welcome anyone into your home this season.

Handcrafted on a whisk broom, this rustic beauty does more than hold it's charm. This would be the perfect gift to a new home buyer, a rustic farmhouse family or even displayed in your office cubicle or door. Topped off with a bow of pumpkin orange and burlap filled with fall leaves.

As with all outdoor decor, premature fading will result faster on darker colors than lighter if left in the direct sun or harsh elements so use caution when considering how to display this wreath. I would recommend under an overhang, awning or patio cover if left outside or perhaps keep it inside so you can enjoy it all year long.

If you would like something custom made, I'd be happy to work with you on a custom design. All of my creations are one of a kind and never duplicated. I wanted each customer to truly feel like they had an original creation in their own home.