Fall Grapevine Wreath, Autumn Front Door Decor, Thanksgiving Country Rustic Wall Hanging, Harvest Floral Pordch Decor,Kats Creations 777

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Fall Farmhouse is bound to be a big seller this year and nothing rings truer than this 24-inch by 18-inch wide and 6-inches deep grapevine beauty. Filled with all the bounty that the end of summer and early fall provides from pumpkins, Pinecones and acorns, this is truly a wonderful harvest piece. It can be used from that transition from summer into fall for those looking for something simply, yet elegant that keeps reminders of farmhouse treasures close to home. Using an 21- inch grapevine wreath as a base, and a wonderful rustic Hello Fall Sign as the centerpiece, beautiful ribbons of beige, gold, and browns convey the changing of the seasons with the falling of the leaves. Scattered about the pinecones, grapevine pumpkins, pip berries and acorns are wheat branches and maple leaves in fall colors still hanging onto their russet brown and gold colors as they begin to bring in those vibrant fall colors we are used to.

A gorgeous bow of the final colors of Fall tops off this primitive beauty. Like all the creations I design, I only make one of each so that each customer is assured that no one else will have the exact same wreath or decor in their home, and why each customer deserves to own their own masterpiece. This can be used indoors over a mantle or kitchen green house window or even hung on your front door.

Remember in order to reduce premature fading from the sun, please consider hanging this piece under a covered patio, awning or overhang to ensure longevity of the product.

If you would like to have a custom order completed, please contact me and I'd LOVE to work with you on making something truly unique for your home.