Farmhouse Chicken Egg Wreath, Rustic Country Front Door Decor, Front Porch Wall Hanger,

  • $80.00
Tax included.

Did the chicken come before the egg? Why did the chicken cross the road? These are classic chicken questions but nothing as fun as having this Farm Fresh Egg Chicken Wreath for your home or front door.

Made on a bed of burlap and cream deco mesh  along with a metallic burgundy mesh, the star of this is undoubtedly the gorgeous Farm Fresh  Eggs sign featuring a country chicken.

Measuring 26-inches in diameter and a full 6-inches thick, this is a must have in any Farmhouse home. This would look amazing in the kitchen over a window, hanging in a pantry door, displayed over a fireplace mantle or eve on your front door. This would make an adorable sign for a roadside look Farmers Market.

Featuring ribbons of black and white harlequin, red and white gingham, black and white ticking, burlap and even a fun farmhouseike print these are scattered around the wreath along with real chicken wire and speckled eggs.

In order to ensure longevity and to reduce the premature fading caused from the direct sun and other harsh elements, please consider placing this under an awning, patio cover or overhang, or if you’re like me place it in your kitchen for that look you can enjoy all season long.

If you’d like something more custom to your home or decor, please contact me directly.