Irish Blessing Wreath Making Kit containing a roll of jute mesh in green and white stripes, lime green, white and green ribbons in clover patterns, solids and plaids

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This is a kit that contain everything listed below to create a beautiful Irish Blessing inspired wreath without any left overs. Deco Mesh and ribbons will need to be cut for your individual design. No tutorial exists for this wreath but you can follow any of my ruffle base designs to make this one.  Kit includes the following:

1) 14-inch wire wreath frame

Irish Blessing  MDF Sign 

1 roll of Jute Burlap White and Green Deco Mesh (18) 20 inch ruffles ( WILL NEED TO BE CUT) 

2.5 inch Green Plaid Ribbon (84) inches long for (6) 14-inch tails

2.5 inch Shamrocks on White  Ribbon (84) inches long for (6) 14-inch tails 

1.5 inch Green Glitter Ribbon (114) inches long for (6) 19-inch 1/2 bows 

1.5 inch Shamrocks on White Ribbon(114) inches long for (6) 19-inch 1/2 bows 


Bow Materials all 72 inches long


2.5 inch Shamrocks on White Ribbon 

2.5 inch Green Plaid Ribbon 

1.5 inch Shamrocks on White Ribbon 

1.5 inch Green Glitter Ribbon 

1.5 inch Shamrock Sheer Ribbon 

1.5 inch Green and White Swirls Ribbon 


21 Pipe Cleaners 

2 adhesive ties for sign  

3 Plastic Shamrocks