Mermaid Tail Beach Wreath, Ocean Sea Blue Decor, Front Door Decoration, Mermaid at Heart Door Hanger, Under the Sea, Kats Creations 777

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Every little girl dreams about mermaids and what lies beneath the ocean waves. This gorgeous deep blue mermaid tail wreath is design to give you a sneak peek at what’s under the sea.

Measuring 24-inches in diameter, with the tail extending down an additional 8 inches and a full 8- inches thick, this mermaid tail is a new item this year. It features sequins that can go from silver to turquoise by merely brushing in the opposite direction. Blue and seafoam green shades of metallic deco mesh are the base and its filled with mermaid scale rainbow ribbon, deep metallic turquoise ribbon and tails with mermaid and blue diagonal prints.

Scattered around the “Mermaid at Heart” sign beaded balls and a starfish snug in the bow as evidence of what mermaids love from the sea. This would make a great wreath for an ocean lover, seaside cottage, a decoration for a mermaid themed party or as a mantle centerpiece in your home.

In order to ensure longevity and to reduce the premature fading caused from the direct sun and other harsh elements, please consider placing this under an awning, patio cover or overhang or keep inside to enjoy all year long.

If you’d like a custom design, please contact me directly and I’d love to work with you to make this happen.