Mini Americana Wreath Burlap Navy Stars Red Beige America The Beautiful Patriotic Independence Day Decor

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Looking for something on the smaller scale than all those 24+ inch Patriotic Wreaths? Something that might fit in a office cubicle, a hospital room or small apartment? I have just the solution without giving up beauty. This 16-inch navy and beige burlap wreath is just perfect for smaller spaces. Measuring at just 4-inches thick, this would fit in places where larger wreaths simply can't. Made entirely of burlap ribbon painted with a navy and beige star print, this is the perfect patriotic decor for Independence Day, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day or any other time you want a touch of Americana to your home's decor.

Topped with a beige ribbon of navy and red stars amid a sign proclaiming American the Beautiful, this would look wonderful among family portraits, over a mantle or in the kitchen adorning your window! This is just the right touch without going overboard in your patriotic decor.

Like all of my creations, in order to ensure longevity and premature fading from the sun, I would recommend hanging this under an overhang, patio, awning or indoors to prevent direct sunlight and element exposure.

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