School Wreath Kit

School Wreath Kit

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There is just enough material in this kit to complete a wreath. This is perfect for those who want to try their hand at wreath making without investing a whole lot. It contains: 

12-inch wire wreath frame

School Sign 

1 roll of Metallic Red Deco Mesh (30-feet) to cut 18 (20-inch ruffle pieces) 

2.5 inch Ribbon (Red, Yellow, Blue) 82-inches each to make 4 -14 inch tails

1.5 inch Ribbon (Red, Yellow, Blue) 9 feet long to make 4 -19-inch 1/2 bows 

1.5 inch Ribbon ( Red and Black Gingham, Black and White Polka Dot, School Print, Blue and Yellow) 6 feet long for Bow 

21 color coordinating pipecleaners

2 adhesive cable ties for sign.