Spring Purple Rose Deco Mesh Wreath, Mothers Day Flower Wall Hanging Easter Front Door Decor, Kats Creations 777, Porch Decoration

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Purple Rose Deco Mesh Wreath, Mothers Day Flower Wall Hanging, Kats Creations 777, Front Porch Decor

A Rose by any other name will still smell as sweet. This is the perfect gift for those looking for something unique for their home or front door, and as an added bonus, it doesn’t require watering and it can’t die.

This 21-inch metallic dark purple deco mesh is just gorgeous to see in person and when placed under sunlight the metallic foils looks stunning. This is the prefect gift for Mother’s Day, a wedding, Valentine’s Day, or the perfect way to purpose to that special someone in your life

It’s a full 5-inches thick and features metallic green deco mesh leaves. Whether you place this on your front door, over a greenhouse window or in a certain little girls room, this will not be forgotten.

In order to ensure longevity and to reduce the premature fading caused from the direct sun and other harsh elements, please consider placing this under an awning, patio cover or overhang or like me keep this inside to enjoy all year long. A must have for that floral lover in your life.

This can be made in any color, so if you want something special, please contact me and let’s make that happen.