Winter White Blue Christmas Wreath Stop Snowing Decor Frosty Icy Snowflake Handmade

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Beautiful 24-inch blue and white mesh ribbon wreath is ready for your home or front door. Accented with glittery blue and white ribbon tails, whimsical swirls of white, a sprig of white holly and berries surrounds a wooden sign saying, "Whoever is praying for snow, please stop!" This would be a wonderful addition to your home throughout winter or as long as the snow continues to fall!

This is a handmade wreath inspired by the song Blue Christmas, and love the colors that remind you of the Disney Movie Frozen as well. This are unique, one of a kind wreaths that will NOT be remade to sell to others, unless you have a double door and want matching wreaths. That is my reason behind my business of Kat's Creations, creating one of a kind, custom originals that you won't find from anyone else and it won't be mass produced.