Witch Legs Halloween Wreath Decor Supplies Embellishments Boots Purple Black Orange 2 pairs

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Looking for something a bit unique for Halloween? How about a set of both purple/black striped witches legs along with a pair of orange and black striped witches legs? There are so many different ways to use these. From adding them to a wreath decor, or to your Halloween decorations at home, hiding behind a curtain, stuck in the lawn, or more, the ideas are endless in how to use these.

Measuring 26.5 inches long, they are formed on a wooden dowel that can be cut down to the size you might need. These are static legs, meaning they don't bend. Each box comes with a pair of each color for a total of two pairs per box. One pair is orange and black striped legs with feathers around the boot tops, a shiny glitter buckle and sequin shoes for that extra sparkle. The second pair is purple and black striped with the same embellishments to allow you to use them in wreaths or in your Halloween decor. These are brand new and never been opened. Ready for sale.