Kathleen Smith

Hi, I'm Kathleen Smith, owner and creative designer behind Kat's Creations and I have been making a designing home decor and wreaths for years.

It wasn't until 2017 that I took the advice of family and friends to share my talent of design and training to launch my business, Kat's Creations. I wanted to teach women how to make their homes beautiful and inviting, and I wanted to keep a clear vision behind everything I do in my business. I didn't want to ever forget how I started and to teach anyone with desire that they too, could create a business of their own or just a way to create beautiful handmade gifts for any holiday. I truly believe that every design comes from God above and that is what keeps me going each day and discovering new ideas to share with my public and private group members. I believe you don't have to leave your faith at the front door of your business and you can successfully integrate the two beautifully in what you do.

Kat designing at workstation

"Every Wreath is an Original" is my trademark term because with every creation I want to design something original for every customer who purchases any of my products. I want each design element to feature high quality materials and to eliminate those reproductions of popular wreaths. It would be so easy to keep creating the ones that sell the most, but I want every customer to walk away from a sale to know that have something that no one else will have. A true one of a kind original work of art so to speak. I love working on custom orders with clients who have a vision in their mind and making that a true reality for them. I offer public and private group memberships where you too can learn how to make your own one of a kind wreaths and
home decor for any holiday or season.