Picture of Fresh Evergreen Wreath with a Velvet Red Bow on a White Door

Fresh Fir Christmas Wreaths

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If you want a wreath filled with the smells of Christmas, this one is for you. 

Each Live Fresh Christmas wreath is created when the order is made and shipped directly to you with care instructions to make these last. Most last 3-4 weeks of care is taken and that’s why they are made fresh from the farm. 

Each one is unique and features an outdoor red velvet bow and contains subalpine, balsam and Douglas firs in addition to sequoia and cedar boughs. Each is unique and measures 24-28 in diameter and only 4-inches full. 

I recommend you keep out of direct sunlight and heat and spray once a week or more with water to keep them looking and smelling fresh. You may notice some needles in the box upon delivery but that is the natural settling that occurs when shipping.

Contact me if you have any questions