St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Clover Rag Wreath, KatsCreationsNMore

St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Clover Rag Wreath, KatsCreationsNMore

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I love the colors of St. Patrick’s Day! From those vivid shades of green, white and just a touch of gold, there is something that feels proud of the Irish heritage!

This St. Patrick’s Day 3-leaf clover rag wreath is perfect for your home or front door! This measures 20-inches by 20-inches by 2.5 inches high. This rag wreath features a cotton and polyester blend of 7 different shades of green and white. A simple bow adorns the stem to create a simple country look. Perfect for storm doors!

The care on this one is super simple, just fluff to create your desired look by running your hand back and forth. If it becomes damp or wet, just let air dry and fluff. I would highly recommend keeping this one out of the weather and consider placing this under a covered walkway, porch or patio or add to your homes decor to enjoy all season long.

This would make a great gift for those who have an Irish heritage and don’t want anything adorning the design so they can keep it up all year long. You can even embellish this with artificial clover or a simple sign.

This looks great in lieu of a wreath for your front door, added to your home as a wall hanger or given as a perfect gift.